Collector's hardback editions of Charles Williams' best-loved work.

Finally: modern, hardback editions of Williams' most compelling, accessible writing — in handsome editions that are worth collecting and sharing. Last year we printed a new beautiful edition of The Place of the Lion - and today we have War in Heaven and Descent Into Hell. The further novels are coming soon!

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Many Dimensions


Many Dimensions is one of the most enjoyable of Williams' novels. It's got magic, drama, time travel, commerce, a romp through an English village, and of course, Serious People discussing the Concept of Justice.

The plot moves quickly: nasty rich collector Giles Tumulty has somehow acquired the Stone of Suleimon and brought it to London, where he discovers that it allows one to travel through space and time. His brother-in-law Lord Chief Justice Arglay and Arglay's secretary Chloe Burnett get involved, and then so does everybody else, and that's just in the first few chapters.


The Williams Library editions are hardbound, with cloth covers and foil stamping on the covers.

Inside, you'll find modern typography in the best bookmaking tradition. Printed in pure black with bright spot colors.

They're sized right in the sweet spot: easy in the hand but a respectable presence on the bookshelf.

AND! All proceeds from sales go directly to printing costs for the next books in the series - and so on, until we've republished all seven novels.

About Charles Williams

Williams was a 20th-century British author who wrote novels, poetry, plays, theology, and criticism. His entire career was spent at the Oxford University Press, but he's best known today for his friendship with The Inklings, a group of Oxford writers that included J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

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Your Support Makes These Possible

We published The Place of the Lion with support by The Charles Williams Society, and all revenue from the sales of the books goes into printing the subsequent ones. Next up in the queue is Many Dimensions!


Praise for Charles Williams' "Spiritual Thrillers"

There are no novels anywhere quite like them.
- TS Eliot

If Muriel Spark had drunk a little too much Sir Thomas Malory, she might have written something like this.
- The New Yorker

Williams is powerful and weird in essential ways.
- poet Geoffrey Hill



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